Friday, October 21, 2016

My Music

For me, Music is a way to express myself and also help me get through difficult times. Music can also get me ready for a soccer game or makes me feel relaxed and relieve stress. I Listen and make different kind of music. I like to listen to Rap, Today's Hits, Classical, Trap and Latin Music. My favorite music artists are Drake, The Weeknd, Future, Desiigner, Showtek, Trap Nation, and many other great musical artists. When I was 4, I got my very first instrument. It was a Little drum that I always use to play with when I had nothing else to do. Now, I can play over 14 different instruments;Trumpet being my main instrument. I started Djing when i was 14. Djing for me is everything. I practice on my free time and i even have my own business.

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